Friday, December 27, 2013

12 Lays of .....

If for some reason in marriage you are offended by the talk of intimacy then don't read further

I was surprised when I posted this on  Facebook,as my status, how many messages I got saying they were appalled I would post and share such a thing.
Where as on the flip side,  I had a ton asking me the link and how I changed them to not be so mild.
For the ones who thought it was gross and wrong......
 I put the warning!  Which I didn't even have to put, because We are married it was all for fun. 
Obviously some of these were just for laughing sake since the word rhymed,
 like day 11, we eat there with our again just for laughs 
and its not like I posted dirty details so
Again don't read if you are going to get offended by it.

The original idea came from this link
If you read it, its totally true and with talking with friends to come up with some cuter rhymes
 (and if you think these are risky below, they are nothing compared to some of what was come up with when discussing different rhymes :)  )

(Props to My friend Megan who came up with most all of these and who had the time to put them on a cute border for us to print out, she also made the personalized ticket for day 12, she is awesome!)

We all said the same thing....every single birthday and holiday when asking our husbands what they wanted.... they say they want us. 

My husband says it all the time so I knew he would love it that I literally gave him me,
for 12 days, no excuses.

So here are the cute cards he got everyday for the 
12 Lays of Sexmas
and the items that came with it


I wish I would have taken a picture of his expression when he read this first card
 explaining the next 12 days
and also when he read each card everyday.
Day 1. Pear Lotion
Day 2. Dove Soap and Dove Chocolates
Day 3. Hershey Kisses
Day 4. A Bird Call/Whistle
Day 5.  5 New Lingerie outfits for him to choose from
Day 6.  Bag of Rolos
Day 7.  A Nightlight
Day 8.  MilkDuds
 most of us moms that did this are all nursing so this one was especially funny for us
Day 9.  Blindfold
Day 10. Red Hots/Mt Dew
Day 11.  Mugs with Hot Chocolate
Day 12.  Personalized Ticket

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