Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Adore (e-dor’) 1. to glorify or worship 2. to treasure or cherish 3. to love deeply

Adventure (ad-ven’-cher) 1. a daring, hazardous undertakeing 2 an unusual, exciting, often suspenseful experience

Angel (an’-jel) 1. a messenger of God 2. characterized by having wings and a halo 3. one that is perfect, good and beautiful 4. one sent to watch over and protect; guardian

Baby - n.(ba'be) an infant, The youngest member of a family. Adorable, precious cargo, our hearts desire, the object of one's affection, a bundle of joy, a gift from heaven.

Believe (be-leve) 1. To put one's trust in 2. To accept on as fact 3. To have faith in

Blessed (bles’-id) 1. holy, sacred, fortunate, blissful 2. recipient of goodness

Bright (brit) 1. radiant with happiness, smiling faces, moments 2. radiating or reflecting light 3. of high saturation or brilliance

Celebrate (sel’-e-brat) 1. perform as a ritual 2. to commemorate with festivity 3. to do honor to 4. have a good time

Cherish (cher’-ish) 1. to hold dear 2. to treasure, adore, value and love 3. to keep deeply in mind


Delight (di-lit’) 1. to give great pleasure 2. to rejoice, or be highly pleased

Devotion (di-vo’-shen) 1. loyalty; allegiance 2. faithfulness driven by deep affection and love

Discover (di-skuv’-er) 1. to be the first to find 2. to learn of the existence of

Dream (drem) 1. images passing through a sleeping person’s mind 2. a daydream 3. to search and seek out

Enduring (en-door’-ing) 1. lasting; permanent 2. continuing on until the end

Enjoy (en’-joi) 1. to obtain pleasure from; relish 2. to have the use or benefit of 3. to enjoy oneself

Explore (ek-splor) 1. to investigate and examine something carefully 2. travel in a little known region 3. lively and cheerful 4. favorable; hopeful 5. illustrious

Forever (for-ev’-er) 1. for always, without end 2. without the bonds of time; eternal

Freedom (fre’-dem) 1. having independence from civil and political oppression 2. exemption from any obligation, discomfort or pain 3. a right or privilege

Fresh (fresh) 1. recently made, grown 2. not spoiled 3. not tired, lively 4. new, recent

Friendship (frend-ship) 1. the state of being friends 2. a mutual union or bond felt between people who care deeply for one another

Giggle (gig-uhl) 1. A giddy laughter 2. Laughter in a silly of nervous manner 3. Often accompanying secrets among young girls

Gratitude (grat-i-tood) 1.feeling or expression of thankfulness 2. the state of being grateful

Knowledge (nal’-ij) 1. facts obtained through learning 2. wisdom or expertise gained through experience 3. information obtained through education

Lazy (la’-ze) 1. not eager or willing to exert oneself 2. sluggish 3. the state of idleness due to lack of desire to act

Legacy (leg’-e-se) !. Something passed though a family, handed down as from an ancestor

Memories (mem’-e-rez) 1. the power to recall sensory experiences from the past 2. the act of remembering

Merry (mer-e) 1. lively; full of fun 2. festive or to be festive 3. to have fun 4. cheerfulness

Miracle (mir-e-kel) 1. an event or action unexplained by scientific law 2. an awesome or unimaginable

Paradise (par’-a-dise) perfection of beauty and peace

Passion (pash’-en) 1. intense emotion 2. the object of strong desire 3. that which inspires or fulfills

Precious (presh-es) 1. Of great worth 2. Beloved; cherished

Pride (prid) 1. dignity and self respect 2. great satisfaction in one’s accomplishments

Promise (pram’-is) 1. joint agreement to fulfill pre-determined commitments 2. assurance that certain obligations will be met regardless of conditions or circumstance

Pure (pyoor) 1. free from anything that taints 2. simple

Refresh (ri-fresh’) 1. to make fresh by cooling, wetting 2. to make a peron feel stronger by food, sleep etc. 3. pleasingly new and different

Relax (ri-laks’) 1. to release tension 2 to rest from work 3 to be at ease 4 to release physical or mental pressures from oneself

Remember (ri-mem’-ber) 1. to think of again 2. to bring back to mind 3. to be careful not to forget 4. to keep a memory alive 5. to look or think back

Romance (ro-mans’) 1. a long poem or tale written in a romance dialect, about the adventures of knights 2.a novel of love and adventure 3. excitement, love; the kind found in such literature 4. a love affair

Smile (smil) 1. To move the tips of one's mouth upward to express pleasure or happiness 2. To express pleasure by the features of the face 3. to laugh silently.

Solitude (sal’-e-tood’) 1. to be isolated; alone 2. being in a secluded place 3. healthy seclusion

Togetherness (to-geth’-ur-nes) 1. the spending of much time together, resulting in a more unified bond

Tradition (tre-dish’-en) 1. passing down of beliefs ands customs from one generations to the next 2. long-accepted and reoccurring practices associated with specific occasions

Treasure (trezh’-er) 1. accumulated wealth 2. something of great worth 3. irreplaceable; priceless

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