Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chicken Enchiladas

Okay these are my FAVORITE So I thought I would share :)
First you will need the following: (makes one pan)
8oz cream cheese
1 can of chicken breast
shredded cheese
Green Sauce
Optional: Olives, Lettuce, Sour Cream and Jalapenos

Start off my putting the cream cheese in a bowl and Microwave till its mostly melted
Then with your green sauce..
.I get the biggest can they have because I want ours soaked in the goodness!
Pour just enough to cover the bottom of your cooking dish
add about 2/3 of what is left into a pan and turn up the heat to a boil
You should have about 1/3 left to set aside for now
when the sauce is boiling add the melted cream cheese to it
while that is melting even more... You can cut up your olives... I forgot to buy sliced
It is ready when its all melted and then mix together
add your can of chicken breast
and mix
then take about a cooking spoon full and spread it out on a tortilla
roll it up and place it in your cooking dish
Continue until the cooking dish is full
Then grab the sauce you set to the side and poor the rest on
then add shredded cheese
and olives
and we like Jalapenos
then set the oven to 350
put in the oven
and cook for 30 minutes
now you can top with lettuce, sourcream, salsa... whatever you want!
*I doubled the ingredients above to make two pans


Melissa said...

I am sooo making these! They look sooo yummy!!!

lori said...

I stumbled onto your blog through your etsy shop. Saw this recipe and had to try it. My family doesn't like green sauce, so used red. LOVED IT!! So good and so easy. Thanks for the recipe and the craft tutorials. Like your blog.

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