Friday, July 9, 2010

Crib Bumper

I decieded I wanted to make a blue and brown crib bumper for my little one....He likes to ram his head into the sides when he is half asleep...
So I cut out 10x10 squares because thats how I wanted the height to be.
Then you pin them together
and sew for them to look like this and then you pin both sides together
and sew for it to look like this
Sew around one end and the two lengths
Now flip right side out
And I chose to use some stuffing instead of batting...Your choice.
Make it as even as you can
and sew between each square
then I added ribbon so I could tie the bumper around the crib...
remember to use Fray check or heat seal the ends of the ribbon so when you wash the bumper the ribbon won't fray
mark and sew
All Done!

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