Friday, July 9, 2010

Headband Holder

I have a problem and it has to do with me and my daughter having way to many hair accessories.
Headbands.....Are just thrown in a drawer. So I found a simple solution.
Get a piece of scrap fabric and a paper towel roll.
You want to make sure there is a little fabric left over on each end.
Roll it and glue it (you can sew it but I figured this wouldn't be something that would get dirty that I would need to wash so I just used Hot glue)
Now for the ends just fold over and hot glue.
Add your headbands and you are done...
EXCEPT as you can see they are slipping...Some are bigger then others...
Then I realized I have no counter space where would I put this thing!?
So to start over with this idea in mind...
I took ribbon around a keychain
and hot glued it....both ends do this...
Then I put it through the paper towel roll
Then Glue
and do the sides same as abouve but make sure your ribbon ends are showing still
and nail and hang!
add your headbands....
Much better!

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