Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mens Shirt Into Toddler Dress

I got this Mens Shirt Size M for $2 at DI
I loved the pattern so I wanted to Make a dress for My daugther and had enough left over for her hair flowers and for my sons tie (see Sew On Tie Tutorial)
First you cut off the sleeves
Then I held it up and figured how long I wanted it so I cut along the top to lose a couple of inches. Sew that down.
Then I took a dress for some quick comparing
Drew the line with a pen and marked it
Then sewed it
Then you cut off the exess fabric
Made the flower and now it looks like this.....
For the strap along her neck. I measured how long it needed to be... Sew it and then flip it inside out
I Had a hard time deciding to put the buttons in front and have the back be plain or the buttons in back and do something with the front. I finally decided on doing something fun with the front.
So sew only ONE side of the neck to the front
Then a snap on the other so you can get it off easlily... You have to hand sew the snap...
So Now it looks like this when you are done with the snap
I then wanted to hand sew the flower right in the middle
Remember to use Fray check or you can use a Lighter/Candle to heat the ends to they don't fray when you wash the clothing.
Add a button.
again you can't hot glue you have to hand sew so It doesn't come off after you wash it.
All done

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Laura Blue said...

THIS is my favorite! I want to attempt to make this one...i'm sure i'll send you a photo if i ever get around to it

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